“I just wanted to let you know that we received the amendment and the receipt for our bike insurance. Thank you very much for being so prompt and also for being so lovely to deal with; have a great weekend.” Michelle A.

“Thank you for your quick response, it makes a pleasant change these days to deal with a person who is target focused and customer friendly. I used to drum it into my guys that ‘The customer is not an impact or nuisance in your day, but the reason for your day.’ Old fashioned, eh!” Paul H.

“Thank you for your assistance relating to my claim for damaged protective clothing as a result of my recent misadventure… Thank you all at NEIB for your outstanding service. It was great to deal with real people for a change.” Terry R.

“Thanks for your prompt response. I appreciated the commonsense way in which my enquiry was handled and I will be writing to the Riding On magazine outlining the vast difference in service offered by NEIB vs other “motorcycle friendly” insurers. You were a pleasure to deal with”. Curt T.

“Thanks for your prompt response. I am delighted with the progress of this claim to date and couldn’t be happier with the support and service provided by everyone that I have spoken to or corresponded with at NEIB.” Steve R.

“Thank you very much for attending to the insurance of my beloved Harley in such a quick, efficient, professional and friendly manner. You can’t get anymore professional than that!” Geoff S.

“I am keen to roll all my insurance over to your company. I am totally pleased with the premiums and especially the service you provided me while I was setting up the insurance for the BMW Motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance time is a time I have dreaded for ages, but you guys took the nightmare out of it for me and I really appreciate it”. Leon H.