Business InsuranceBusiness / Office Insurance

Package policies to suit small business from tradespeople through to professional service provides. Cover your business assets, liabilities and income.

Business Interruption

The single most over-looked area of insurance cover for businesses – protecting your business income. Can be arranged as a stand-alone product or packaged.

Commercial Motor

Business use vehicles from individual units through to company fleets based in multiple states.

Computer Breakdown

(incl Data Recovery Costs)
Cover your computer equipment and electronic records and the cost to restore your data in the event of a claim.

Contract Works

Construction insurance for projects ranging from housing to commercial premises. Can be arranged as a one-off cover or annually renewable policies for builders etc.

Contractors Plant

Covers plant and equipment used during the construction of premises or building complexes.

Directors and Officers liability

Cover for directors and company principals for the operation of corporate entities. Can include key-person Insurance.

Electronic Equipment breakdown

Similar to Machinery Breakdown but suited to electronic equipment.

Electricians’ Liability (Qld)

Policy suited to comply with legislative requirements for electricians in Queensland.

Farm / Rural

Small and large scale farming operations incl hobby, grazing, livestock, orchard and mixed farming.

Goods in Transit (Marine Cargo)

Transit cover for items ranging from personal items and household contents to importing and exporting of goods. Australia-wide to worldwide.

Industrial Special Risks

Specialised cover for large commercial or industrial operations with high asset values. Can include single or multiple situations.

Machinery Breakdown

Cover machinery and equipment against breakdown including motors, compressors, processing & packing plant, refrigerators, cold rooms and more. Include cover for deterioration of goods as a result.

Marine Hull

Pleasure craft insurance for jetskis, powered water craft through to sailing vessels. Can include hull, liability and even skiers’ liability.

Personal Accident and Illness

24 hour coverage with weekly benefits payable up to two years to replace lost income due to accident or Sickness.

Plumbers’ Liability (Vic)

Policy suited to comply with legislative requirements for plumbers in Victoria.

Professional Indemnity

Cover for advice given in a professional capacity where loss occurs as a result of that advice.

Public and Products Liability

(both for profit and non-profit organisations)
Cover for property damage and personal injury resulting from an occurrence in your business. Can be arranged as a stand-alone policy or packaged.

Tax Audit

Insure against the costs associated with tax audits (accountants fees, document preparation etc).