RAMSOMWARE attacks – the time to act is now

The opening line from an article I read this morning summed up the situation well: “If you haven’t heard about the most recent Ransomware attack, you’re probably living off the grid.”  The WannaCry (also known as WannaCrypt, WanaCryptor, WCry or Wanna Decryptor) program spread rapidly through networks in over 150 countries in a matter of hours, resulting in major disruptions to many systems, some of them critical, such as the UK National Health Service. How does it work? WannaCry is a malicious type of software (malware) called Ransomware.  It typically spreads by unsolicited emails that contain a link or attachment, which, when clicked on, executes or runs the malware on the recipient’s computer.  Exploiting vulnerabilities in unpatched or unsupported versions of Microsoft Windows®, it will then spread to all other devices on the network, infecting each computer and any other accessible network-enabled device (yes, this includes internal and external backup drives connected to an infected machine).  The ransomware then locks and encrypts files on all infected computers, preventing access to them and demanding payment be made via the digital currency, Bitcoin. What should you do? Prevention is always better than cure.  Following these simple steps can greatly reduce the risk of falling prey to this and similar malware attacks: Make sure you are using supported Operating Systems (Windows® XP, 2003 and Vista are no longer officially supported so if you are using Windows® machines you should already have updated all of your computers to newer versions by now); Make sure that your operating systems are up to date with all the critical security patches installed (a patch for this malware was released by Microsoft – make sure you have it installed); Training! 1 in [...]

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End of year update for 2016 and HNY for 2017

Our office will be closed from Friday, 23rd December, 2016 and reopen on Tuesday, 3rd January, 2017.  Thank you for your support throughout the year.  We wish you and your families a safe and peaceful time during the holidays and look forward to bigger and better things in 2017. If you need to lodge a claim, please contact your insurer and have your policy number ready.  A summary of Claims contact numbers are shown below - refer to your policy wording if your insurer is not listed. NEIB Motorcycle Policies (Silver & Gold)    13 24 81   AIG - Property Lines   1300 761 195 Financial Lines   1800 222 123   Calibre Insurance   1300 306 226   CGU Insurance  13 24 80   NTI   1800 684 669   QBE  1800 723 867   Zurich - General Insurance   13 26 87 Heavy Motor Assistance  1800 935 338 Travel Assistance  +61 2 9995 2800  

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Have you visited our Facebook page?

We've been adding some interesting stories and articles on our FB page.  If you have not been there yet, click on the link and remember to Like our page and let us know if there is any content or information of interest to you.  When it comes to insurance, if you have questions, we have answers!  NEIB Facebook Page

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New web site

New England Insurance Brokers (NEIB) launches new web site ... we specialize in Motor Bike Insurance and all types of commercial insurance and private insurance.

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